emblematic objects of Vietnamese culture, they come in different sizes for different species of birds, and are present on every street corner in the country. Inspired by the elegance and finesse of their aerial structures, I wish to imagine formal variations in order to transpose them into a contemporary habitat.

Handmade in the village of Vac, 30 km from Hanoi, I go there to discover the know-how of curved bamboo and its technical and formal possibilities.



The original shape of the cage being close to that of a lampshade, I designed a version whose lower part is flared, in order to adapt its shape to this new function. Doubtful, and surprised by the absence of a base, the craftsmen of Vac warn me that the bird risks escaping! I explain to them my intention to put a light bulb in it instead of a bird. Without success. Here, we make cages, not lights! But my idea seems to amuse one of them, Mr Thang, who intends to make a prototype.



The result speaks for itself, and Mr Thang is as enthusiastic as I am in front of this first prototype of a curved bamboo light!

I then draw a series of cups and clocks which, always inspired by the lines and curves of the cage, stand out from its initial shape.