Future Living Studio is a temporary design studio exploring sustainable design solutions through cross-pollination between local and foreign designers, partner companies, and future users. The fourth edition, taking place in Phnom Penh, was dedicated to the topic of « boutique hotels ». It resulted in the development of an innovative product line inspired by the local cultural heritage. This collection includes an open wardrobe which uses the rattan weaving patterns in a different scale than is typical to give it the function of storing clothes, or to facilitate a lamp projecting a traditional khmer pattern.




Partner companies : CSMA (sedge mats), Khmer Rajana (rattan and water-hyacinth), and Watthan Artisans (silk, wood carving, etc)
Design Team : Sear Sok Hoang, Emilie Hirayama, Seng Kosal, Bernd Karlsboeck, Anita Schnitzer, Keo Ratana
Volunteers : Chan Soly, Eang Davin
Project Leader : Astrid Hauton / Project Coordinator : Sreng Sokvung / Artistic Directors : Try Suphearac, Em Riem

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