Design as a vector of social and economic innovation.

It is a matter of placing the human at the center and considering the design in its dimension of project, affirming that the object goes beyond its materiality.

To do so, I explore the convergences between craft and industry based on their singularities. I tend to hack the processes and make them more innovative, fluid and efficient. I base my work on human experience, in order for the final product to be a vector of meaning and authenticity.

Thus, I seek to inject the values ​​of craftsmanship in the industry, and the industry’s renewal capacity in crafts.


Combining an explorer approach and a designer method.


  • to meet communities and trades. Cultivate proximity and local cultural identity all over the world through collaboration.
  • to the discovery of know-how and processes, identifying their singularity and unrevealed potentials, technical or symbolic.


  • conduct projects with intuition and methodology in order to develop together tailor-made ways of designing and manufacturing a product.
  • create durable domestic objects, remarkable for their elegance and relevant by the ingenuity of their manufacturing process.


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